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  • If the person and/or party that has booked a tee time does not call to let a Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar representative know that they are late within 15 minutes of the scheduled tee time, then Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar reserves the right to release that reservation to another customer.

  • When your tee time (e.g. 7pm), is confirmed, that is the start of your "paid" time. Players are given a 15 minute grace period before their allotted tee time. In this time frame, servers will be cleaning the stall and setting up the software for the next players. It is recommended to show up 10/15 minutes before your tee time in order to be fully ready to go. When your time is finished, please be mindful of the next players coming in and the setup time that they will need.
  • The confirmed amount of simulators and length of play prior to your arrival is final. There will be no refunds if you decide upon arrival that you need less time or stalls. You must call 24 hours in advance to let us know that you need to change the amount of stalls and/or time.

  • Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar Certificates are redeemable for Golf Simulation Play only.
  • Any physical Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar Coupons and/or promotional codes can only be used on a 1- time per booking basis. (Coupons can not be combined for multiple discounts and/or redemptions).

  • Golf Shoes: 
We will allow golf shoes please no metal spikes or cleats. Soft spikes only.
  • Please refrain from loud, obscene and vulgar language. Children may be present and we ask that you respect your fellow customers. A verbal warning may be given from a Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar representative. Failure to adhere and respect the circumstance may lead to a removal from the premises. 

  • All parents or legal guardians with children are responsible for making sure that the above rules are enforced. Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar is not responsible for monitoring underage children).
  • Drinking or eating is not allowed in the actual hitting area; the seating area is specifically designated for these purposes.
 Please no food or drinks around the computer monitor or computer equipment.
  • Simulator malfunction does not necessarily constitute a refund. It will be the discretion of a Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar representative.

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